Shopping Centers & Retail Outlets

Shopping Centers & Retail Outlets

We work on every single day of the week to accommodate the needs of our clients who serve a variety of needs. By working 24/7, we ensure that we help our clients open their doors every morning when their premises are clean: We have experience in cleaning retail outlets such as:

  • beauty salons,
  • retail outlets,
  • gas stations
  • mom and pop shops
  • mini-mart, and
  • laundry centers.

Disinfectant Cleaning

Our disinfectants kill bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces in public places. Considering this ongoing pandemic, disinfecting is a critical element of safety particularly in public and common areas with frequent human traffic. We are open to helping clients in places such as:

  • churches
  • restaurants
  • gyms
  • common rooms

Services Include

Polished Cleaning Service offers a wide range of services. We can handle it all, from small homes to large businesses. Whatever you need, we can design a customized solution for you.

Some of our Popular services include:

Small & large appliances cleaned

Floor sweeping and polishing

Vaccum air vents

Damp moping


Drapery cleaning

Bathroom completely Sanitized & disinfected

Linen service

Furniture dusted and/or vaccumed

Shutters, mini-blinds & screen cleaning

Laundry services

Wall washing

Baseboard cleaning